Born in Guiyang, China
Lives and works in Oakland, CA

I was born and raised in Guiyang, China where mountains, trees, and rivers surrounded me.
When I was a teenager, I was always interested in rock ‘n roll and western art. I moved to
the United States in my early twenties.
Now, after more than a decade here, I’m still heavily
influenced by rock ‘n roll and western art, but Chinese culture is still at my root and enjoy
my Chinglish life more than ever.

My work explores several themes, many sensitive and emotional. As a Chinese artist, male figures
are present. And I often feature myself as a subject to express sentiments of solitude, longing,
sadness and the sense of isolation. To give these ideas my own voice, I combine these elements
with traditional themes of Chinese art, including nature and poetry.

Fabric, rice paper, strings, crystals, and Chinese ink are often used in my framed artwork,
murals, and installations. I’m always exploring different materials and styles, too.

Group / Solo Exhibitions:
Postcard From The Edge, Visual AIDS / Luhring Augustine Gallery / New York

Nocturnal Daydreams/ Alley Cat bookstore / San Francisco


Black Landscape / Magnet / San Francisco

Miss You / Asian Art Museum / San Francisco
California Open Exhibition / Tag Gallery, Bergamot Station / Santa Monica
Home Where Needle Marks / POP tART Gallery / L.A
Artpad 2012 / Phoenix Hotel / San Francisco
Symbols / Project One Gallery / San Francisco

Postcards From the Edge, Visual AIDS / Cheim & Read Gallery / New York
Open Skull Open / Mike’s Museum / Massachusetts
Raw 5 / RAW / UK
Don’t Smile, Your Face will Crack / D-Structure / San Francisco

The Chrysalis Den / Project One Gallery / San Francisco
Into the Ring, Sumo-style / SOMA arts Gallery / San Francisco

Two of my artworks, 血色玫瑰园 / My rose garden and 金色池塘 / Golden pond,
have been selected by our juror, Trevor Richardson, for the Spring 2014 edition of
Studio Visit Magazine. The response to our call for artists was, once again, incredible.
Over 1000 individuals entered the competition and you are one of 350 artists who
have been invited by Mr. Richardson to participate.

One of his artworks, Flower funeral / 花祭, has been selected by Barbara O'Brien, a director
of the Kemper Museum in Kansas city, for the winter edition of Studio Visit Magazine.

Gao was named one of San Francisco’s top 20 artists of 2012 by Asterisk Magazine.

Honorable Mention at the California Open 2012, Santa Monica.
Chosen from a nationwide contest of 1500 works.